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A rooftop solar power plant is a photovoltaic system that generates electricity from sunlight using solar panels mounted on the rooftop of residential, industrial, or commercial buildings or structures. It is very popular worldwide. The typical capacity of a rooftop solar system is around 5 kW. However, it can be anywhere between 1 kW to a few 1000 kW. Although the name is rooftop the same system can be installed on the ground also, which is then called a ground-mounted solar system. The cost of a rooftop solar system depends on the system size (1 kW, 25 kW, etc), system type (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid, etc), autonomy needed (1 Hr, 4 Hr, 24 Hr, etc), location, and also on the quality of the products and services.

Savings on electricity bill and run heavy load
Savings on electricity bill and power backup
Grid independence and energy security
When to Use
When high quality grid electricity available more than 90% time in a day
When grid electricity is available but frequent power cut (< 4 hr) is observed
When grid electricity is not available or energy security is the priority
Where to Use
Urban or suburb area
Suburb or rural area
Rural or remote area
Maximum Load
Up to contract demand
Up to 80% of the inverter capacity
Up to 80% of the inverter capacity
Power Backup
Not available
1 hr to 4 hr
1 hr to 24 hr
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