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Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Rooftop solar is a photovoltaic system that generates electricity from sunlight using solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential, industrial, or commercial building or structures

Starting From:

Rs 90,000


Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are street lights powered by solar panels. The solar panel charges a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. The typical solar street

Starting From:

Rs 20,000


Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater uses solar thermal collector to capture solar energy and gives hot water. This is an economical way to get hot water for daily usage. The typical capacity of a solar water heater  

Starting From:

Rs 25,000


Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump or solar-powered water pump is a pump running on electricity generated by solar panels. These pumps are used quite extensively for irrigation in India. Places where the 

Strarting From:

Rs 1,20,000


Micro Solar Power Plant

Micro solar power plant consists of a solar panel and a battery pack containing an inverter. This system can be used to run small AC appliances within the range up to 200 Watt

Starting From:

Rs 35,000


Portable Solar Power Plant

Portable solar power plants consist of a small solar panel along with a battery pack. This system is suitable for running  DC light bulb and charging mobile. This system is quite lightweight and portable 

Starting From:

Rs 5,000

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