On-Grid Rooftop Solar System

On-grid rooftop solar system is perfect for savings on electricity bill. This kind of system does not provide electricity during power cut and only suitable for places where the average daily power cut is less than 2 Hr.

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Hybrid Rooftop Solar System

Hybrid rooftop solar system are generally used for domestic or commercial purposes. This type of system also includes battery and can provide electricity during power cut. 

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Off-Grid Rooftop Solar System

Off-grid rooftop solar system is used where grid electricity is not available or power cut is high. This kind of system needs careful designing taking into account the connected load and the minimum autonomy needed.

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Solar Street Light

Solar street light is a decentralised street lighting system, which can be installed almost anywhere, with out the overhead or underground cabling. 

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Centralized Solar Street Light

Centralized Solar street light is suitable for situations where the cleaning of the solar panels or the maintenance of the battery is difficult.

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Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump is generally used in agriculture for supply of water in the field. Since it works as a standalone system, it can be installed in the mid-field, where grid electricity is not possible.

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Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater can provide hot water throughout the year in a more economic way. It is suitable where demand for hot water is very high.

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Operation and Maintenance

Solar system requires very little maintenance. However from time to time cleaning of the solar panels and maintenance of other balance of system is required. AlienSolar provides all these solution.