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AlienSolar on-grid solutions consists of solar panels which integrate with your grid electricity. The energy generated by solar power can reduce your electricity expenses up to 90%. This brings down your investment payback period to less than 5 years, where you keep on getting the benefits of solar electricity for more than 25 years.
The key benefits of rooftop solar system for industrial and commercial customers are:
 Secure-Investment Secure Investment Low-Payback-Period Low Payback Period Save-The-Enviornment Save The Environment
On-Grid Solar System
In on-grid solar system the system is connected to the grid (your present electricity provider). You can run any load (AC, lift or any other machinery) using this system. On-grid solar system does not contain battery. This kind of system doe not run when there is power cut due to security issues. The main purpose of this system is the savings on electricity bill. Out of many kind of solar systems this is the most preferred and economical solar system for industrial and commercial consumers.
Electricity generated from the solar system is used to run the load. If the electricity generated by the solar system is greater than the consumption, the excess electricity is exported to the grid and monetary value of the exported electricity is deducted from the electricity bill. If the consumption is higher than that generated by the solar system, the remaining amount is taken from the grid. This is called imported electricity. This all happens automatically. No manual intervention need. A new meter, called Net Meter, is provided by the DISCOM to measure the imported and exported electricity. The amount of electricity generated from the solar system can be measured from the inverter of the system or using a separate meter.
Schematic Diagram
Payback Analysis
System Size: 100 kW
System Cost: Rs 46,20,000
Electricity Tariff: Rs 9.84 / Unit
Annual Savings On Electricity Bill: Rs 10,30,000
Payback Period: 3-4 Year
Many companies and industries in Kolkata are now going solar and saving huge on electricity bill. Go solar today, generate your own electricity and save money. Contact us today !



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