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General Questions

How much does it costs to go solar in India ?

How much space do I need to install solar panels ?

What, if i have less space than what I required ?

How long will the solar system work ?

What will be the maintenance cost ?

What are the types of rooftop solar systems for electricity generation ?

On-Grid or Off-Grid, which one is better ?

On-Grid or hybrid, which one is better ?


What is the dimension of a solar panel ?

What is the weight of solar panel ?

What is the warranty of the products sold online ?


How much time it will takes to install solar panels in my house ?

Do you provide after service ?

Questions Asked By Customers

Basic Questions

Will solar system work in winter ?

What is the impact of global warming and climate change ?

Why should I go solar ?

How can I go solar ?

How will the roof produces power ? Is it safe ?

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