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its time to become a prosumer

you can be a consumer and producer of electricity at the same time

what we do

we provide affordable solar energy solutions for home, businesses, and community


generate your own electricity on your roof

why you should go solar

Lock Electricity Tariff

you do not have to worry about ever-increasing electricity tariff again for the next 25 years or so

once a solar power plant is installed your monthly electricity bill be negligible or zero

coupled with any energy storage device solar energy can provide energy security for your family

Be Responsible Citizen

by installing a solar power plant you can do your part towards the fight against global warming and climate change

Reduce Electricity Bill

Ensure Energy Security


Arindam Choudhuri

Lakeview Housing Complex

I have been very closely associated with this organization while setting up a solar panel at our residential housing complex. Our project being one of the frontrunners in this space, we had numerous doubts and questions in our mind- both technical and commercial. I found Alien Solar not only competent to clear our doubts but also a very flexible responsive organization to deliver their best within the stipulated timeframe. Their competency, quality, and dedication to work have been astounding and recommendable to get a cost-effective solution for solar power. We hope to have a long-lasting relationship with them.

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